• Combitherm HC
    Combitherm HC
  • Combitherm XL
    Combitherm in special design
  • 3 Pressing Places
    3 seperate pressing places
  • Multimat Mini
    Multimat Mini
  • Vacuform XL
    VACUFORM XL membrane press table
  • Vacuform Mini
    Vacuform Mini
  • Profitherm 3 Laden
    Profitherm with 3 drawers

Vacuform Mini

The VACUFORM Mini is another custom-made membrane pressing table, mainly for pressing small work pieces. This is popular with schools and manufacturers of musical instruments. 

Technical specification:

  • mobile machine in a steel frame construction, no tilting mechanism
  • 1 high performance vacuum pump TF8, vacuum pressure adjustable to max. 9 hPa (9 t/m²)
  • Membrane frame with high elastic rubber membrane (700 % elongation)
  • control board integrated in the steel frame (electric connection: 230 V, single phase)
  • the whole equipment (incl. vacuum pump) is maintenance-free
  • total size: 1500 x 1100 mm, usable area: 1200 x 800 mm

We are looking forward to customising a machine according to your specific requirements! 

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