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Configurations of the Vacuum Presses

Vacuform V
Solid construction for long-term operation

Designed for heavy work pieces and forms

Braced work bench guaranteed to prevent torsion

Distortion-free membrane frame profiles featuring extra-strength housing guarantee a perfect vacuum seal

Adjustable joint system for opening and closing the membrane frame

Industrial strength adjustable frame locks

Available in several standard sizes (featuring different equipment configurations)

Standard Configuration
Vacuform V
Torsion-resistant, deflection-resistant, extra-strength steel construction

Solid, low-attrition, high elasticity seals ensure excellent vacuum sealing

Working surface with integrated air suction channels enables even and large-scale ventilation and evacuation (no operating errors!)

High quality vacuum components (e.g., Becker, Festo, Jumo)

Industrial strength membrane made of natural rubber, temperature-resistant up to 130 °C, 700 % elongation, excellent reset force

Membrane-switching system enables rapid switching of different membranes (natural rubber, silicone, PUR, etc.)

Standard membrane attaching system enables user to easily switch membranes in the workshop

Intuitive and simple-to-use control elements help you avoid operating errors

Integrated control unit allows you to stay close to the work piece

200 l vacuum tank with differential pressure circuit, vacuum pump is automatically turned on if needed

Mechanical pressure modulator for manual setting of the pressing force

Space-saving swiveling system can reduce 40% of surface area

4-sided access for simple operation

Castors ensure mobility in the workshop

Guaranteed oil-free 900 mbar high-performance vacuum pumps
Vacuform V
16 m³/h suction force

40 m³/h suction force

Vacuum steel tanks
Vacuform V
200 l vacuum tank with differential pressure circuit ensure quick ventilation

Opening and closing the membrane frame
Vacuform V
Durable spring system for simple operation

Gas-cylinder operation for simple operation avoiding fatigue

Vertical opening system with four lifting cylinders (850 mm lift) for precise pressing without accidentally shifting work pieces

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