Let the Pure Workz designers fascinate and inspire you – the creative designs of Pure Workz, combined with COLUMBUS vacuum technologies, are in a league of their own!

Pure Workz is a small design company that started developing and employing an innovative wood-sandwiching technology in 2009.

Besides using only the best materials available, the company also honors important principles of sustainability. Magnus Hoffmann, the company’s young owner, is a keen windsurfer, and began researching innovative manufacturing methods of wood-based surfboards already during his studies. Soon, he had developed a way to produce high-end boards entirely made of wood. The boards convinced experts not only thanks to their lightness and stability, but especially because of their unique wood surface (read our report here). Back then, Magnus Hoffmann was already relying on the many advantages offered by COLUMBUS vacuum pressing technology.

The protection of valuable resources and the reduction of CO2 outputs are core concerns of Pure Workz. The company exclusively uses FSC-certified wood that is sourced from responsibly farmed forests.

Let yourself be inspired and motivated by the innovative combination of Pure Workz and COLUMBUS vacuum technology!

Pure Workz shows how creative and innovative designs can be professionally realized with relatively little effort using the VACUFORM membrane press. If you wish to use thermo-plastic materials, the universal heating and forming unit COMBITHERM will be ideally suited for your applications.

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