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Using contemporary materials for traditional designs can yield astonishing results!

Nicola Buson Falegnameria ( is a modern Italian furniture manufacturer who creates very interesting, unique design solutions.

These creations exude a rare joy for creativity and unconventional approaches – it should therefore come as no surprise that here we find modern acrylic materials combined with ornamental engraving to create traditional designs using heat-molding technology.

For the molding process, Falegnameria uses our COMBITHERM thermo heating and forming unit. The COMBITHERM air circulation technology is ideal when working with synthetic materials, as it enables gentle and even heating of a work piece without tarnishing its surface. Damage due to over-heating, which frequently occurs when using conventional heating technologies, can be ruled out. In addition, the COMBITHERM unit is ideally suited for annealing a wide variety of materials – an application that has rapidly gained importance in design work with synthetic materials!

The COLUMBUS heating and forming units can also be outfitted with custom electronic control units, which allow the slow and controlled heating and cooling of work pieces!

thus covers several areas of processing modern synthetic materials. Naturally, this also includes established techniques of layer-gluing a wide variety of shapes, as well as veneering and refining work piece surfaces.

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