The German company Endwurf Design (www.endwurf-design.de) has used our VACUFORM unit and a layer-gluing procedure to create a beautiful curved counter for one of their clients. They have kindly permitted us to share these images on our website.

“The pictured reception desk was made using bendable plywood with a beech countertop. The grey surfaces are covered with linoleum.

The client wanted the multiplex-layering to remain visible in the final product. For that reason, we opted against inserting a veneer cover, which leaves the end grain visible.

The entire piece is made from three segments: a semi-circular base barrel, a straight middle piece, and a curved segment. The surface has been finished with oil. The round elements and the linoleum surfaces were created with PVA glue in the Columbus membrane press.

We are very enthusiastic about the functionality of this press, and wonder why we didn’t acquire one much sooner.”

Martin Schmitz – Endwurf Design

This example show us the extreme elongation of the special natural-rubber-membrane of Columbus!

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