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Your technical advantage

Complete welded steel structure: 100 % tension free and very sturdy


Heat resistant and robust phenolic working surface: integrated air evacuation channels with up to 70 extraction points


Natural rubber membrane TPIN: heat resistant up to 130 °C, 700% elongation with no memory effect

Naturkautschuk Membrane

Membrane change system: fast membrane change with 100 % airtightness


Industrial dry running rotary vane pumps:
absolute oil free vacuum


Swivel mounted working surface: mobile with castors plus space saving

Hochschwenkbarer Arbeitstisch

Ingenious design: Heating and Forming in one machine

Innovative Konstruktion

Double insolation: heating drawer and pressing table have no thermal connection

Doppelte Isolierung

CHS-high performing heating system: efficient and precise heating of all materials


Sturdy welded heating drawer: roller bearings permanent heat resistant up to 250 °C, load up to 100 kg


Multitasking Thermopress-Centre: laminated bending - flat pressing - bonding - wrapping - hot and cold forming - foil laminating

Multifunktionales Aufheiz- und Presszentrum

Large work pieces: precise alignment and pressing

Großformatigen Werkstücke

 Visit our Center of Competence: our highly skilled experts will help you to solve all your tasks concerning vacuum pressing and forming!
Columbus Kompetenzcenter
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