Our client Biegeprofis RHB GmbH has specialised very successfully in bending pipes and profiles, as well as the shaping of thermoplastic materials and other plastics.

The metal-based shaped parts lend much-needed stability to furniture pieces including tables and chairs, but also to large countertops. To ensure surfaces that please the eye and unique design, materials such as acrylic mineral-based materials (such as Corian, GetaCore, and HI-MACS) and thermoplastic materials (such as perspex, acrylic glass, Vivak, and Makrolon) are used.

Our Combitherm Vertical unit enables the unique shapes that are being created. Biegeprofis RHB GmbH has devoted a feature article on their website to this topic.

Two Professionals Come Together

The managing director of Biegeprofics RHB GmbH, Mr. Jörg Hilsky, visited us in the summer of 2015 at our Centre of Excellence in Kremsmünster/Austria. After extensive tests, a custom version of the desired unit was agreed upon, and manufactured in our workshop. Then, Mr. Hilsky and three of his employees received detailed training sessions at our Centre of Excellence.

We are happy to assist Biegeprofis RHB GmbH and all of our other clients in satisfying their specific needs and requirements. Our expert knowledge is at your service!

For more information on Biegeprofis RHB GmbH, visit www.biegeprofis.de

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