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Vacuform Industrial Double-Press – At a glance!

  • Overall dimensions: 5800 x 3250 mm (LxW), Height 3562 mm
  • Pressing surface: 5400 x 2800 mm (LxW)
  • Robust, welded steel construction with additional bracing
  • The working table is accessible from 3 sides
  • High performance vacuum pump BECKER VT 4.40, air suction rate 40 m³/h, pressure max. 900 mbar (9 t/m²)
  • SIEMENS automatic programme for an exact time control of the pressing process. The pressing and venting time can be adjusted according to the pressing parameters of the material
  • FESTO Vacuum pressure control paired with a 200l vacuum tank
  • Pressing frame equipped with a seamless, transparent silicone membrane
  • Membrane changing system
  • Wear resistant phenolic working top with routed evacuating channels for a fast air venting on the whole working surface
  • Pneumatic opening and closing mechanism (two hand control) with reliable FESTO pneumatic cylinders
  • Weight approx. 4 tons

Control cabinet and all other controls are centred in one place.

Vacuform LKW
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