Magnus Hoffmann has done it again – using Columbus vacuum technologies, he has crafted a beautiful, creative object:

'The WavéMAX 2.0 is a wonderful thing. It contains a completely new type of sound system, which allows you to both hear and feel music. The entire lounge chair functions as a resonating body, and transmits minute, highly pleasant vibrations to your body. The integrated speakers are controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and a smartphone/tablet, so that no annoying cable connections are necessary. A high capacity battery provides a minimum of 8 hours of continuous use.

Looked at from the right angle, the Wavé lounge chair is little more than an elegant line in the landscape, and thanks to its curved shape it looks quite delicate. But not to worry – our use of fibreglass and carbon mesh materials from aeronautics and aerospace engineering ensures extreme sturdiness. A wave might break, but our lounge chairs won’t!

In designing the surface look, over 100 types of wood can be chosen from. As an alternative, we can offer a concrete veneer for a most minimalist look.' Magnus Hoffmann

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