Comb Structures - as hard as stone, as light as a feather

The task: Comb structures, similar to the ones that are being used for the construction of airplanes, are to be applied to a panel without any damage to the combs.

In late November 2006, a client came to visit us in Kremsmünster with a particularly interesting challegen. For application in the automobile industry, comb structures were to be applied to flat panels. Of course, the fragile combs must not be damaged during the process - however, a fairly high and constant pressure was necessary for the gluing process.

As it turned out, this is a perfect area of application for vacuum technology. The membrane of our vacuum press took on the exact shape of the comb structures without damaging them, and the required pressing force was applied without any problems.

In the same manner it is also possible, naturally, to apply comb structures in layers, and to curved templates.

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