Foil-coated doors – 90 °C sealing temperature on the work piece's edge

While conducting experiments for a craftsman who wants to foil-laminate interior doors with closed inside profile, we measured a sealing temperature of 90 °C on our MULTIMAT unit.

The special field of 'foil-coating' or 'foil-lamination' is based on the following four pillars:

Foil - glue - machine - user

The result can only be as good as the weakest pillar!

Our experience shows every expert has to be well-informed also in field lying outside his or her special field. Only then it is possible to expertly counsel customers. This means, for example, that manufacturers of lamination foils must be familiar with the characteristics of different types of glues to be used, as well as with the machinery used to process their foils.

Not long ago, a craftsman who wants to coat interior doors that have complex profiles with foil paid us a visit. Since he had researched this procedure for quite some time already, he tested our MULTIMAT press with utmost scrutiny.

His tests and examination of the press as well as the resulting work pieces showed that our experiments had worked extremely well.

Based on his great wealth of knowledge regarding the procedure of foil-coating, the craftsman also wished to precisely measure the sealing temperature on the work piece's edges. Thanks to the air circulation system that we incorporated in the MULTIMAT press, we were able to measure a temperature as high as 90 °C!

A few days after the visit, the craftsman phoned us. He had spoken to the glue manufacturers, who could barely believe him: Never before had he heard of a sealing temperature as high as 90 °C - a perfect temperature for the gluing process! - being measured during use of a machine like the MULTIMAT!

We want to thank this craftsman for the precise measurements he took of our press, and also for the information he gave us regarding our perfect sealing temperature! We are sure that our other customers will appreciate this information and will find it very helpful!

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