Glossy Spain

Without doubt, mirrorfinish or glossy foils are undoubtedly the ultimate in foil-lamination. Usually, several attempts are necessary in order to find the ideal balance between foil, glue, work piece, and machinery (bonding temperature).

When we received a small batch of experimental work pieces from a Spanish client, and along with it only ONE Portuguese lamination foil, we were worried not to have enough material for thorough testing.

Luckily, our suspicions turned out to be unfounded!

Based on his longstanding experience, Günther Vetter quickly optimized the machinery for glossy foils, attempted a single test run - and the results spoke for themselves! Have a look at the finished door on the left!

The Spanish work piece, coated by an Austrian piece of machinery with Portuguese lamination foil, is by now on its way back South...
…and we are happy about this new kind of 'bonding' between peoples!

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