Foil-coating of workpieves with a height of up to 20 cm!

Once again, a client's request has helped us in discovering a new area of application for the Multimat unit! This time, we tried our hand a foil-coating a loudspeaker box with a height of 20 cm.

Usually, foil-coating is performed on flat workpieces, such as furniture fronts or doors. Higher workpieces often create problems.

Recently, Günther Vetter began some experiments together with a manufacturer of exclusive high-end loudspeakers. The successful results were astonishing!

As it turned out, loudspeakerboxes with a height of up to 20 cm pose no problem for the Multimat unit! The photos on to the left are ample proof of this.

And obviously, this new area of application is not limited to loudspeakerboxes! Virtually all other workpieces of similar sizes can be foil-coated as well - there is no limit to the possibilities.

Should you have more ideas regarding this topic, please share your knowledge with us! We will be glad to offer our support, and perhaps even conduct experiments for you!

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