North German Broadcasting works with Multimat and Vacuflex!

Guenther Vetter and Manfred Mueller worked together with the team of the NDR. They tested a variety of forms and materials. The new “Weltspiegel-Studio” (weekly world news studio) had already been produced with our Vacuflex.

In September 2007, Guenther Vetter and Manfred Mueller flew to Hamburg to give a training course at the NDR for their newly purchased Multimat.

The team of the NDR workshop received a two day induction on the new Multimat. This was necessary because they had a huge variety of forms and materials to work with, mainly for forming plywood, veneer, plastic and foil lamination.

The training was very interesting for the NDR team and was a new experience for Guenther Vetter and Manfred Mueller, who enjoyed working together with the highly creative team.

The highlight of our tour around the whole area (where several hundred people work) was a visit to the new “Weltspiegel” studio, where we saw the interior which had been manufactured with our Vacuflex.

The technical equipment of the workshops was also impressive, where the committed employees produced furniture and interiors for their own and other studios in the German broadcasting system.

We say thank you to the team at NDR for their friendly welcome and interesting and productive cooperation in the training course.


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