Your entrance to success - Your market niche is waiting!

Do you really want to continue to compete in a market mainly under price and time pressure? Identify your own market niche and care for your customers without time pressure and price war!

Find some interesting examples for market niches:

  • exclusive furniture fronts
  • round shaped furniture
  • round and curved bars and counters
  • decorative table tops and furniture
  • modern bathrooms
  • interiors following the principles of Feng Shui
  • furniture for children
  • barrier-free living

  • exclusive room doors, with matching door trims (veneered, foil laminated)
  • front doors and window sills (laminated with exterior foils)
  • curved and arched room dividers, partitions, wall and ceiling components
  • formed and curved decorations, decorative battens and cover strips
  • round and elliptical columns, columns panelling , bearer and sleeper beams
  • interior window frames with decorative designs made of veneer and foil
  • Staircase strings and handrails (laminated, veneered and coated)

  • interiors for caravans
  • shaped parts for applications in buses, railways, boats, ships and airplanes
  • old-timer accessories
  • shaped displays and presentation furniture
  • wrapping for jewellery, watches, glasses and other utensils
  • chairs and recliners, skateboards, audio racks, TV stands and loudspeaker cabinets
  • coating of aluminium profiles and metal frames
  • exclusive designs for ceiling, flooring and wall components

Or capture a new market using exclusive materials like:

  • selected veneers
  • foil and high gloss foil
  • paper
  • leather
  • plastics
  • selected timber
  • metal
  • stone
  • synthetic solid surface material, like Corian, Varicor, Cristalan

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