Process of Collaboration

Assessment of demand
At the beginning of each cooperation with Columbus a detailed needs assessment takes place. As part of this, Columbus experts ask for all the information they need to develop the best solution for achieving the client's business goals. Thanks to its high level of application expertise and its extensive knowledge about materials, Columbus is perfectly capable of understanding and optimizing even the most complex production processes.

Offer preparation
In the offer preparation process, the information gained from the assessment of demand is processed by Columbus experts into a holistic solution concept. This concept fits perfectly with the requirements of the customer. The result is a fair, comprehensible offer.

Video consultation and demonstration
At Columbus, interested parties have the unique opportunity to get to know the machine comprehensively over long distances and have it demonstrated during a live video consultation. In this demonstration is individually tailored to the application requirements of the customer and even in advance transmitted materials can processed live. This service is particularly interesting for international customers, since they are spared long journeys.

Live consultation and demonstration
For all customers who want to experience the machine and its possibilities live or prefer personal advice, Columbus offers the possibility of a live consultation in the Columbus Competence Center. During this it is possible to test the machine.

Conclusion of contract
The conclusion of the contract is the start of a close, trust-based and partnership-based cooperation on eye level. Columbus treats each customer as an individual partner on the path to mutual success.

Training on request in the Competence Center
The Columbus machines are designed and developed for easy handling and can be put into operation without any personal training thanks to their intuitive concept. For complex applications and special machines, Columbus is pleased to offer a training in the Competence Center.

After Columbus has manufactured and inspected the machine, the delivery takes place. For the customer, a whole new era of production begins, which will be characterized by a wide range of new products, increased productivity and profit maximization.

Welcome to the club
Together with the machine, Columbus customers receive a Columbus Club membership for one year. From this point on, customers profit from numerous great benefits such as reduced prices, access to technical know-how and premium support. This is the start for mutual success.

Welcome to the
Columbus Competence

The Columbus Competence Center is the pulsating heart of Columbus, that pushes the innovative progress in vacuum press technology with every beat. It is a place for research, development, further education and encounter.

Here all Columbus machines are being developed and improved. Furthermore, together with interested parties and users, new materials and possibilities are being tested in order to expand the knowledge about the vacuum press technology and make it profitable to use. Here also all training courses and workshops take place, through which customers and prospective customers can learn all about the concentrated power of the vacuum and its infinite possibilities.

The Columbus Competence Center is located right in the creative heart of Europe — in the Tabakfabrik Linz. As an innovative center and partner of San José, the capital of the Silicon Valley, the Tabakfabrik also offers a place of creation for great ideas, collaborations and innovations.

News from the Competence Center

The world of Columbus is always turning. Every day, Columbus does everything in its power to develop new technologies, improve existing ones, test applications and explore innovative materials. In addition, Columbus is represented at all major trade fairs to always present the latest products to the world. In the section "News from the Competence Center", interested parties will always find the latest news and also have the opportunity to present their own experiences.
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VIDEOS from the
Competence CenteR

The video gallery offers the best opportunity to experience the incredible variety of applications of Columbus vacuum presses up close. On the basis of descriptive video material and concrete examples, new applications, processing techniques and innovative materials are presented. As a result, Columbus customers and interested parties are constantly being given new input on how to expand their production spectrum, increase the efficiency of familiar work steps and create extraordinary unique items that will delight customers.
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Manfred Mueller
Technical director
of Columbus

Manfred Mueller is a state-certified furniture and interior designer, master carpenter, industrial manager and for more than 10 years the technical director of the Columbus Competence Center. As senior supervisor, he is responsible for the development and improvement of all Columbus machines, as well as for the entire research related to application possibilities and materials. Furthermore, he is the senior supervisor of the further education and training program.

„Every day we go the extra mile to develop the best machines and find the most profitable solutions for our customers to manufacture their workpieces.“

the creative heart of Europe

The „Tabakfabrik“ is located in the creative heart of Europe and is therefore often referred to as the same. It is a direct partner of San José, the capital of Silicon Valley, and is based on the four pillars of creativity, sociality, work and education. Because of this, it provides the perfect place for great innovations. Located in the heart of the city of Linz, a former working-class city, it also represents a place today that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern and innovative solutions of the future. Since the Columbus concept is ideally suited to that of the Tabakfabrik, Columbus was selected from 700 applicants to settle in the Tabakfabrik and benefit from this innovative engine. There would be no better corporate location for Columbus.

Process of

Columbus stands for honest, partnership-based cooperation and transparency. Only in this way is it possible, together with customers, to follow the path of sustainable success. In order to be able to get an idea of the cooperation with Columbus in advance, here is a possible procedure for all interested parties.
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