The vacuum press system in special lengths

The vacuum press system
in special lengths
The Columbus INFINITY is the new and groundbreaking vacuum press system that can be constructed in the length desired by the user on request.

The specially created and eponymous Infinity Principle, according to which the usable area in terms of length can be increased very cost-effectively almost to infinity, is used in each individual component. The system offers both maximum flexibility and maximum efficiency, because where the Infinity Vacuum Table and the Rolling Membrane System offer infinity, the Multi-Zone Suction guarantees maximum control. Thanks to this Multi-Zone Suction, only that section of the usable area that is currently in use is vacuumized.

INFINITY is perfect for all users who value an infinite usable area for a wide variety of special pressing with maximum yield volume.

Discover the infinite possibilities of INFINITY right here with a practical example.

VIDEO - Infinity

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