Columbus Combitherm

The powerful machine for forming plastics

The powerful machine for forming plastics
Discover unimagined potential in the processing of innovative materials and applications with Combitherm. Thanks to this technology, you can expand your production spectrum, win new customers and sustainably increase your sales.

With the compact and easy-to-use Combitherm vacuum press, you can process not only wood and wood-like materials, but also innumerable plastics that are heated and then formed into extraordinary products with the power of vacuum. The broad field of application allows you to react flexibly to new requirements and keeps you always one step ahead of your competitors.

Columbus machines are developed with the know-how from 40 years of experience, produced exclusively in Austria and define the global, technological benchmark for vacuum presses. You benefit directly from this experience when it comes to realizing new ideas, reacting simply to current trends and expanding the offer for your customers with each new project.

Advantages of Columbus vacuum presses

Machine construction
  • The upmarket Columbus machines are the result of decades long, market driven research and development. They were created by and for practitioners and perfected together with operators and manufacturers of materials.
  • The massive welded steel construction is 100 % torsionally rigid and resistant against bending, even when processing big work pieces. The results are longevity and production safety in any situation.
  • The ergonomic and smooth-running operation ensures an absolutely body-friendly working method even during fast production processes, what minimizes downtime and ensures fatigue-free working.
  • Columbus membranes are extremely heat resistant and very resilient against abrasion, this minimizes expenses on wearing parts.
  • They have extraordinary elasticity and rebound capabilities and guarantee best pressing results for a long time.
  • Depending on the required heat resistance and mechanical load, Columbus membranes are available in different material types and quality categories (natural rubber, silicone economy, silicone high-performance). Thus, there is always the ideal equipment at the best price for every application.
Membrane fast-change system
  • With the unique Columbus membrane fast-change system, a membrane change can be carried out in less than 10 minutes, what optimizes production processes and significantly shortens production times.
  • The sturdy steel frame guarantees a vacuum-tight membrane attachment and thus ensures the best press results and production safety.
Phenolic resin working surface
  • The Columbus working surfaces consist of a very heat-resistant and robust phenolic resin laminated plywood. These guarantee longevity even with the toughest use.
  • The integrated air suction channels in the working surface, with up to 70 suction points, facilitate full ventilation and evacuation. With this system, maloperation by incorrect placed work pieces is impossible, what minimizes reject rates. Furthermore, the air Air suction speed increases through that and an evenly spread pressure is guaranteed.
Vacuum pump
  • The high-performance vacuum pumps from Columbus are 100 % oil-free. While conventional oil-lubricated vacuum pumps spread their lubricating oil throughout the entire room as a harmful and surface-contaminating oil mist, Columbus dry-running rotary vane pumps ensure clean and safe production facilities for people, materials and environment.
  • Depending on the requirements and the size of the machine, Columbus offers a variety of high-performance vacuum pumps with different Air suction speed. Thus, there is always the ideal equipment at the best price for every demand.
  • High-performance vacuum pumps from Columbus are maintenance-free. This means no expense for servicing - neither time nor cost.
Control unit
  • The pump and the heating drawer are controlled via a separate, functionally arranged control cabinet.
  • Vacuum generation and vacuum reduction are controlled via a vacuum control lever, which is placed centrally on the machine.
  • The vacuum pressure is monitored via a precise analogue vacuum pressure gauge in bar relative.
  • The temperature and heating time control of the heating drawer are digital.
  • Thanks to the central and clear provision of all control and monitoring elements, the production process can be extremely speeded up and optimally monitored.
Vacuum pressure control
  • With a vacuum pressure control, the vacuum pressure of the vacuum press can be adjusted variably. Since the processing of certain materials (e.g. very soft materials) requires an adapted vacuum pressure, new, profitable application possibilities are opened up with a vacuum pressure control.
  • The vacuum pressure can be controlled with either a mechanical regulator, or a digital controller.
  • The digital vacuum pressure control is available in combination with a 200 l vacuum tank, which enables an extremely fast vacuum generation. Due to the faster vacuum generation, materials and adhesives can be processed with very short process times.
Vertical opening mechanism
  • The vertical, pneumatic opening mechanism guarantees precise pressing of different shapes and geometries, since the vertical travel does not cause any shifting of the layers and the base stencil. This level of precision reduces reject rates to zero.
  • The possibility of a 4-sided operation of the vacuum press ensures an uncomplicated and fast workflow and increases productivity.
  • The reliable, oil-free pneumatic cylinders protect work pieces and the production facility against oil contamination.
  • The built-in two-hand safety operation guarantees maximum safety.
Heating drawer
  • With the heating drawer, all thermoplastics, solid surface materials and composite materials can be heated temperature-accurately, to form them afterwards in the vacuum press. This application offers magnificent opportunities for expanding the product range and opening up new markets with inexhaustible revenue potential.
  • The built-in CHS heating system ensures very efficient heating performance and guarantees an extremely fast heating process that enormously speeds up the entire production process.
  • The high-performance circulating hot air fans distribute the hot air evenly throughout the entire heating drawer and thus ensure an exact temperature distribution on the workpiece. This guarantees best results during the pressing process and prevents rejects caused by uneven heating.
  • The sturdy and extremely heat-resistant construction guarantees longevity and production safety even under high influence of heat.
  • The electronic temperature control allows variable temperature adjustment up to + 230 ° C and allows precise monitoring during the entire heating process.
  • The non-corrosive, pull-out working surface with grating has a grid of 30 x 30 mm and is very easy to operate. It is so massively constructed that even heavier materials, which would twist conventional heating drawers, can be inserted without any difficulties.
Perforated stainless steel sheet
  • The working surface of the heating drawer offers a 30 x 30 mm grid in the standard version. The optional insertable perforated stainless steel sheet provides a flat, smooth surface on which sensitive materials (such as transparent plastic) can be heated.
  • Due to the perforation, the heat distribution is not affected by the perforated stainless steel sheet and the heating results are just as perfect as with the working surface of the standard version.

That is what Combitherm can do

Depending on the configuration, Combitherm allows you to perform the following applications. You will find many other useful information about the workflow, the possible fields of application as well as the compatible materials and material brands in the detailed information of the respective application.
Laminated Bending / Shape Bonding / Flat Gluing
Production of laminated bending, shape bonding and flat gluing work pieces made of wood and wood-like materials.
Veneering / Overlaying / Coating
Overlaying of work pieces with high-quality veneers and other materials.
forming solid surface materials & plastics
Forming of plastics, thermoplastic materials and composite materials.

Examples of features

The Combitherm can be configured in many ways and equipped with different features to match your personal needs. Here you'll find several examples of features:
Combitherm with vertical opening mechanism
Combitherm with clamshell opening
At a glance

Features and technical data

Machine construction
Overall dimensions: approx. 3400 x 1750 x 1100 mm
Dimensions inside the frame: approx. 2880 x 1280 mm
Natural rubber membrane
Material: natural rubber NR
Dimensions: 3100 x 1500 x 2 mm
Heat resistance: up to + 130 °C
Elongation at tear: 600 %
Material hardness: 40 Shore-A
Colour: grey

Silicone membrane economy
Material: silicone
Dimensions: 3100 x 1500 x 2 mm
Heat resistance: up to + 230 °C
Elongation at tear: 700 %
Material hardness: 40 Shore-A
Colour: white/transparent

Silicone membrane high-performance
Material: silicone
Dimensions: 3100 x 1500 x 2 mm
Heat resistance: up to + 230 °C
Elongation at tear: 700 %
Material hardness: 40 Shore-A
Colour: transparent
Membrane fast-change system
Every membrane is suitable
Incl. fixing bolts and profiles
Phenolic resin working surface
Material: phenolic resin laminated plywood
Heat resistance: up to + 160 °C
Suction points: up to 70
Vacuum pump
25 m³ high-performance vacuum pump
Type: dry running rotary vane pump
Air suction speed: 25 m³/h
Pressure: up to 9 t/m²

40 m³ high-performance vacuum pump
Type: dry running rotary vane pump
Air suction speed: 40 m³/h
Pressure: up to 9 t/m

80 m³ high-performance vacuum pump
Type: dry running rotary vane pump
Air suction speed 80 m³/h
Pressure: up to 9 t/m²
Control unit (vertical opening)
Control cabinet for controlling the vacuum pump, the heating drawer and the travel movement of the membrane frame (vertical opening mechanism)
Vacuum control lever for vacuum generation and reduction
Pressure monitoring: analogue vacuum pressure gauge
Temperature control: digital
Heating time control: digital
Vacuum pressure control
Mechanical vacuum pressure regulator
Control range of vacuum pressure: 200 - 900 mbar rel.

Digital FESTO vacuum pressure control
Control range of vacuum pressure: precisely 20 - 900 mbar rel. (variable) incl. 200 l vacuum tank
Vertical opening mechanism
Type: pneumatic
Pneumatic cylinder: 4 pcs.
two-hand safety operation
Overall dimensions: approx. 4000 x 2000 x 1800/2400 mm
Stroke: approx. 650 mm
Heating drawer
Usable area: approx. 2600 x 1200 mm
Material thickness: 0 - 70 mm
Heating power of the CHS heating system: 16 kW | 400 V | 50/60 Hz
Circulating hot air fans: 2 pcs.
Electronic temperature control: up to + 230 °C
Pull-out working surface with grating: 30 x 30 mm grid
Perforated stainless steel sheet
Overall dimensions: approx. 2000 x 1000 x 2 mm
Perforation: 5 mm

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