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Laminator S

Outstanding: Versatile and universal to use, fast to convert

    • coating and pressing of nearly all materials
    • laminating of films
    • thermo fusion under vacuum
    • pre-preg manufacturing
    • pressing of carbon materials
    • foil laminating
    • pressing of composites
    • thermoforming of plastics

      Laminator S - A universal and sophisticated industrial press for individual solutions in production and research. Modular extendable!


      Laminator S - At a glance!

        • working surface ca. 2880 x 1280 mm
        • circulating heating power of 27 kW
        • temperature range 20 °C – 210 °C
        • precise temperature distribution
        • stroke of 600 mm
        • 80 m³ vacuum pump
        • variable process configuration easily done with the touch panel
        • pressing, forming and laminating of materials with the membrane
        • forming and laminating of materials with the deep drawing frame

        Biggest advantage

        Versatile and universal to use, fast to convert!



        More advantages:


        • robust and distortion resistant, welded steel construction
        • mobile machine on wheels or stationary machine


        • vertical drive
        • precise and effortless movement with oil free pneumatic cylinders
        • heating hood and pressing frame can move separately

        Heating hood

        • precise temperature distribution
        • permanent hot air stream for a 100 % process reliability
        • the heating hood moves with the deep drawing frame
        • inner height of 450 mm for bigger work pieces


        • very robust and long lasting silicone membrane
        • membrane change system for a fast change to use various membranes (silicone membranes, vacuum films, polyolefin films)

        Working surface

        • fine grinded, hard wearing aluminium working top
        • three suction points
        • uniform suction distribution with porous materials (e.g. MDF)
        • customised inlets for tool cooling or measuring sensors
        • optional: phenolic resin board with routed air evacuation channels for temperatures up to 140°C

        Deep drawing frame

        • two systems available
        • customised subframes
        • simple and fast locking of the subframe onto the deep drawing frame with star knobs

        Vacuum pump

        • selction of vacuum pumps
        • proven and sound BECKER dry running rotary vane pumps
        • dry claw vacuum pumps
        • oil lubricated rotary vane pumps with different performance levels

        Control unit and programs

        • SIEMENS HMI touchpanel
        • Programs for heating and cooling cycles with adjustable vacuum pressure. Easy programming of up to ten process steps to adapt to any task. Saving of the individual programs.
        • Sensor operated programs for heating processes guided by the core temperature in the material. Control sensors for the top and bottom side of the material.
        • manual and automatic process possible


        • vertical movement
        • hinged movement


        • the machine can be individually upgraded
        • various components can be combined
        • individual colour selection within the RAL scale


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