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    USED MACHINERY: Combitherm–Heating and Forming Unit
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Demo MACHINE: Combitherm–Heating and Forming Unit

The Multipurpose Heating and Forming Unit for all Thermoforming Materials
Solid surface materials: HI-MACS, AVONITE, KERROCK, Corian, Staron, LG - HiMacs, Avonite
Plastics: ABS, PMMA (Acrylglas), Makrolon, PVC  etc.

Demonstration Machine: construction year 2018

COMBITHERM is a compact built, space-saving, combined thermo heating and forming unit.
The combination of a thermo heating oven with a vacuum press enables you to heat up various thermoforming materials fast to their optimal forming temperature and then form them with vacuum in one machine

Heating oven - size drawer: ca 2600 x 1250 mm
  • heating power: 16 KW, 400 V, 50/60 Hz
  • eletronic temperature control
  • innovative circulating hot air system
Forming station - size inside frame: ca. 2920 x 1320 mm
  • siliconmembrane (max. +220 °C)
  • rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pressure to max. 9 t/m², nominal displacement: 25 m³/h
  • vacuum pressure regulator

Terms of delivery: ex work Austria

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