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Aero L 

The universal genius for industrial pressing

    • coating, laminating and pressing with nearly all materials
    • 3D foil laminating
    • thermoforming of plastics
    • pre-preg forming
    • pressing of carbon materials
    • pressing of composite materials

      AERO L - A sturdy, robust and well-engineered industrial press for individual solutions and mass production.


      Technical Data:

        • working surface 3820 x 1780 mm
        • CHS heating with a heating power of 36 kW (400 V, 50/60 Hz)
        • temperature range 20°C - 210 °C
        • opening stroke of 900 mm with 6 FESTO pneumatic cylinders
        • work piece or tool weight up to 800 kg
        • BUSCH R5 RA0100 F – vacuum pump oil lubricated, 100 m³/h with a combined 500 l vacuum tank, vacuum pressure max. 0.960 bar (9.6 t/m²); the pump has to be serviced regularly.
        • SIEMENS touch panel with a variable programming for different processes
        • membrane frame with membrane change system for a fast change of variable membranes (silicone, vacuum foils, polyolefin foils).
        • 1 silicone membrane, transparent, elongation 700 %, thickness 2mm, temperature max. +220 °C
        • deep drawing frame with an adjustable grid of 200 mm in the X and Z axis
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          More advantages:

            • robust and distortion resistant, welded steel construction
            • vertical movement
            • gear wheel rail for a precise and effortless movement
            • shaping or coating of materials with the deep drawing frame
            • pressing, shaping and covering of materials with the membrane
            • simple and fast locking of the sub frame to the deep drawing frame with star knobs
            • a permanent hot air stream guarantees a 100 % process reliability, the heating hood moves with the deep drawing frame
            • heating hood height of 700 mm
            • heating hood and pressing frame can move independently
            • fine honed aluminium working surface, heat resistant + 300 °C.
            • outlets for tool cooling and measuring cables
            • SIEMENS touch panel with a variable programming for heating and cooling cycles and an adjustable vacuum pressure. Easy programming of up to 10 process steps for any application. Saving of the created programmes.
            • sensor operated programme for heating processes guided by the core temperature in the material, control sensors for the top and bottom side of the material
            • manually and automatic pressing process
            • JUMO data logger for a reliable logging of the process data
            • safety features (safety lanyard device)

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