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For today and tomorrow

  • Exact laminating of any form or shape
  • Perfect veneering - flat or curved
  • Faultless coating and bonding
  • Accurate fitting of lippings and profiles
  • Precise forming of hot materials

VACUPLUS VERTICAL - versatile, functional and economical
Laminating - Veneering - Coating - Bonding - Edge Lipping - Forming

Vacuplus Vertical

Fast facts

  • Vertical drive with a stroke of 850 mm
  • Size inside frame: ca. 2900 mm x 1300 mm
  • Membrane change system for various membranes
  • Digital FESTO pressure control linked with a pressure tank
  • High performing BECKER vacuum pump
  • Absolutely oil free operation! Important in wood processing.
  • Operation access from all four sides
  • Robust and compact construction
  • Massive pressing frame
  • An investment with a long lasting value and an extended service life
  • Minimal maintenance

VACUPLUS VERTICAL with added benefits for your company

  • Expanding of the production range
  • Customer acquisition with more potential for innovative ideas
  • Performance gain of inspired staff through easy operation, leading to perfect pressing results!
  • Efficient use of the working surface
  • Shortening of production steps

Vacuplus Vertical


Advanced machine design

Vertical drive with parallel guiding system
Membrane change system
Oil free vacuum pumps and drives

Limitless pressing possibilities

Opening height of 850 mm
Pressing of tall and flat work pieces
No misplacement of the layers and the former
No shape change of the former
Precise alignment of the work pieces

Competent technology

Manually or automatic pressing
Fast pressure build up with combination of tank/vacuum pump
Pressure to max. 9 to/m² on all sides
Membrane change in about 10 min
Tough, maintenance free industrial vacuum pumps
Simple and easy understandable machine operation

Workmanlike machine building

Sturdy and robust steel construction
Welded Industrial design
For daily hard working conditions
Quality components
Long service life guarantees fast amortisation of the machine

Unbeatable performance

High productivity
Operational without setup time
One pressing cycle for several working steps
One machine for pressing of all materials
Cost cutting and time saving

Outstanding pressing results

Exact laminating of large and tall work pieces
Perfect veneering without female former
Faultless coating and bonding – in one production step!
Accurate and fast fitting of profiles
Precise forming of hot plastics

Vacuform Vertical

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