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Columbus - Center of Competence in Vacuum Technology

35 years experience

Our knowledge and development body with the following aims and tasks:

Support, guidance, advice for customers and buyers for all technical questions in the following fields:

  • machines
  • materials
  • production
  • customer-specific solutions

Testing of materials usable/workable with our machines:

  • testing the max. ability of existing and newly developed materials
  • foils/films
  • plastics
  • solid surface materials
  • veneers
  • board materials
  • composite materials
  • adhesives

Development and invention of new:

  • production methods
  • streamlining of production processes
  • vacuum applications
  • combinations of applications (e.g. vacuum and heat)
  • machines

Testing of our machines:

  • function
  • safety
  • quality


  • professionals, who have a wide range of experience and expertise
  • experts, who have many years of knowledge in the above mentioned fields

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