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Benefit from our innovative strengths!

Based on many years of experience we offer reassurance and reliability in the manufacturing process of your work pieces in a few simple steps. Beginning with an initial evaluation by e-mail and additional practical tests you will receive detailed information for making further decisions.

For almost 35 years we have worked with vacuum technology and thus are experts in the field. We focus on what the customer wants to produce and tailor our machines to your requirements.

Our founder, Guenther Vetter, significantly influenced the development of our firm and products, based on his roots as a Mastercraftsman in Cabinetmaking.
Manfred Mueller, our technical consultant, is supporting and developing our innovative ideas, he is also a Mastercraftsman in Cabinetmaking and an experienced Furniture and Interior Designer.

We are continuously developing new applications together with our customers who benefit from our many years of experience and our daily contact with new ideas.
Over the years we have established a perfect network of manufacturers of materials and adhesives, heating experts, mechanical engineers, etc., who support our innovations in their specialised fields.

This is how you can benefit from our innovative strengths:

Initial situation:

You want to laminate or form a work piece with a certain material and you think this is possible with vacuum technology.


Send an e-mail to:; please list the type of material and a sketch of the work piece with the overall dimensions.

First Step:

We will validate your request and inform you if:
  • Your work piece can be produced with our machines
  • It is possible but the shape or material has to be modified
  • A test is necessary to get a clear picture of the feasibility
  • There is no possibility to produce the specific part

Second Step:

We will make a practical test.
You can:
  • send us samples and we will make the tests for you. Afterwards we will send the tested samples back to you.
  • visit us at our factory and make the tests together with Manfred Mueller

Your guarantee:

Based on our knowledge and experience gained over many years you have a guarantee that we will find the right solution for you!

Benefit from our innovative strengths!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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