Foil Laminating / Foil Wrapping

Laminating and wrapping with foils

Being able to develop extraordinary designs is only of use if you can realize them. With the opportunity of foil wrapping, specialized companies receive a versatile and cost-efficient application, with which exactly this is possible. With a vacuum press from Columbus, workpieces of the highest quality and design finesse can be produced that inspire customers.
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Fields of application:
Bathroom furniture
Kitchen facilities
Building facilities
Store construction
Examples of materials:
PVC foils
TPO foils
Kloeckner Pentaplast
Your benefits:
  • Extension of the own product range and expansion of the target audience through cost-efficient production of kitchen and bathroom furniture.
  • High customer satisfaction and enormous increase in productivity through easy realization of special customer requirements and extraordinary designs.
  • A higher contribution margin due to the independence of external suppliers.
  • Avoidance of color differences and creation of harmonious designs through own manufacturing.
  • The possibility of wage work through production for other companies.
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