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For more than 40 years, Columbus has been researching, developing and producing outstanding vacuum press technology, offering wood and polymere processing companies an inexhaustible potential of possibilities.

With the vacuum press technology from Columbus, specialized companies have the opportunity to produce high-quality prototypes, individual products and series products in a very quick and easy way. The diverse application possibilities of this technology allow companies to extend their product range, to inspire a larger target audience and to sustainably increase their sales.

With the modularly extendable machines from Columbus, wood and polymere processing companies master all forming and pressing tasks in no time at all.

Thanks to the Columbus Competence Center — the in-house research and development unit — Columbus has more expertise in application possibilities and compatible materials than any other provider on the market. Columbus customers benefit directly from this knowledge in order to inspire their own customers over and over again.
Competence center
Keep up to date with Columbus and vacuum press technology by watching our videos or reading our blog.
new horizons
Columbus vacuum presses are the result of year-long, intensive research and development work. They were developed by practitioners for practitioners and are designed to master all forming and pressing tasks of the wood and polymere processing industry. In short — with a Columbus vacuum press, your own offer is limited only by the horizon of imagination.

Why wood and polymer processing companies should choose a vacuum press:

  • Extension of the product range
  • Expansion of the target audience
  • Increase in sales
  • Independence from external suppliers
  • Technical advantage over the competition
  • Short production times
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible product change
  • Meeting special customer requirements
Why Columbus:
Some reasons why Columbus has been the global leader for vacuum press technology for 40 years.
Revolutionary module system
High-end machines
High application competence
In-house research and development
Columbus Club
Best consulting and support
40 years of Austrian quality
Experience the variety
of possibilities
The innovative vacuum press technology from Columbus offers numerous application possibilities. Due to this diversity, there are no limits to your own creativity. Thus, specialized companies are able to meet even the most special customer requirements. The following impressions illustrate the incredible variety of applications that can be achieved with Columbus vacuum presses.
Exclusive interior
Interior of yachts and ships
Prototype construction for the industry
Vehicle construction (e.g. campers and airplanes)
Restoration (e.g. vintage car)
Stage construction and exhibition construction
Coffin production
Acoustic and sound insulation systems
Musical instruments
Store construction
Sports equipment
Merchandising products
Store facilities

News from the
Competence CenteR

The world of Columbus is always turning. Every day, Columbus does everything in its power to develop new technologies, improve existing ones, test applications and explore innovative materials. In addition, Columbus is represented at all major trade fairs to always present the latest products to the world. In the section "News from the Competence Center", interested parties will always find the latest news and also have the opportunity to present their own experiences.
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Competece Center

The Columbus Competence Center is the pulsating heart of Columbus, that pushes the innovative progress in vacuum press technology with every beat. It is a place for research, development, further education and encounter. Here all Columbus machines are being developed and improved. Furthermore, together with interested parties and users, new materials and possibilities are being tested in order to expand the knowledge about the vacuum press technology and make it profitable to use. Here also all training courses and workshops take place, through which customers and prospective customers can learn all about the concentrated power of the vacuum and its infinite possibilities. The Columbus Competence Center is located right in the creative heart of Europe — in the Tabakfabrik Linz. As an innovative center and partner of San José, the capital of the Silicon Valley, the Tabakfabrik also offers a place of creation for great ideas, collaborations and innovations.

Further education

VIDEOS from the
Competence CenteR

The video gallery offers the best opportunity to experience the incredible variety of applications of Columbus vacuum presses up close. On the basis of descriptive video material and concrete examples, new applications, processing techniques and innovative materials are presented. As a result, Columbus customers and interested parties are constantly being given new input on how to expand their production spectrum, increase the efficiency of familiar work steps and create extraordinary unique items that will delight customers.
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