Veneering / Overlaying / Coating

Overlaying of work pieces with high-quality veneers and other materials.

Refining curved workpieces with high-quality veneers or covering them with various types of plastic or other materials opens up many new perspectives. With a vacuum press from Columbus, these applications quickly become profitable tools to inspire existing and new customers.
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Fields of application:
Coffin production
Interior design
Store construction
Building construction
Vehicle construction
Stage construction
Profile creation
Examples of materials:
Metal foils
Your benefits:
  • Extension of the own product range and expansion of the target audience through refining work pieces with high-quality veneers, plastics and many other materials.
  • Great design freedom due to the possibility to produce both straight and curved workpieces with the same surfaces.
  • High customer satisfaction and assured quality because of low reject rates due to the exact even pressure distribution.
  • Columbus vacuum presses can also be used as veneer presses for smaller quantities.


Discover the incredible variety of applications of a Columbus vacuum press or a Columbus vacuum bag and thereby significantly expand your opportunities in the production process. In the detail information of the respective application you will find much more useful information about the workflow, the possible areas of application as well as the compatible materials and material brands.
Laminated Bending / Shape Bonding / Flat Gluing
Production of laminated bending, shape bonding and flat gluing work pieces made of wood and wood-like materials.
Veneering / Overlaying / Coating
Overlaying of work pieces with high-quality veneers and other materials.
forming solid surface materials & plastics
Forming of plastics, thermoplastic materials and composite materials.

Experience the variety
of possibilities

The innovative vacuum press technology from Columbus offers numerous application possibilities. Due to this diversity, there are no limits to your own creativity. Thus, specialized companies are able to meet even the most special customer requirements. The following impressions illustrate the incredible variety of applications that can be achieved with Columbus vacuum presses.
Acoustic and sound insulation systems
Vehicle construction (e.g. campers and airplanes)
Store construction
Prototype construction for the industry
Stage construction and exhibition construction
Store facilities
Restoration (e.g. vintage car)
Sports equipment
Exclusive interior
Interior of yachts and ships
Musical instruments
Coffin production
Merchandising products
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