Vacuum bag Vacuflex from ColumbusVacuum bag Vacuflex from Columbus


The vacuum bag for professionals

The vacuum bag for professionals
Columbus Vacuflex - The vacuum bag for professionals
Vacuflex is the ideal vacuum bag for professional users who want to profitably produce exceptional workpieces made of wood or wood-like materials. The robust and fabric-reinforced material guarantees longevity even when used at the highest level. Thus, the vacuum bag fits perfectly into professional production processes.

With Vacuflex, you are able to extend your product range extremely, achieve better results in the production process significantly and inspire your customers with short production times. Vacuflex is the number one choice when it comes to manufacturing very large workpieces in the fastest way possible. For this reason, it is also ideal as a complement to vacuum presses and gives you the certainty that you can always cover the widest possible range of production processes cost-efficiently without suppliers.

With this system, which has been tried and tested for over 40 years, hundreds of users have already been able to achieve extraordinary results in production and sustainably increase their success through the use of vacuum technology. It is ready for use very quickly and amortizes itself in a short period of time, even at low utilization.

Advantages of Columbus vacuum bags

Vacuum bag
  • Vacuflex is the high-quality version of the Columbus vacuum bags and guarantees longevity and production safety even when used at the highest level. Furthermore, it amortizes very quickly even at low utilization.
  • The vacuum bag is ideal for processing very large workpieces and thus also a perfect complement to a vacuum press. All Columbus presses are equipped with a connector, so that Vacuflex can be directly connected to and operated with them.
  • The extremely robust, reinforced material is resistant against wear or tear, even during industrial use, what minimizes downtime and cost of wearing parts.
  • Vacuflex is welded on 3 sides and contains an air suction line, to which an 8 m³ high-performance vacuum pump can be connected.
  • It needs no space while it is not used and can be stowed away everywhere very easily.
Vacuum pump
  • The high-performance vacuum pumps from Columbus are 100 % oil-free. While conventional oil-lubricated vacuum pumps spread their lubricating oil throughout the entire room as a harmful and surface-contaminating oil mist, Columbus dry-running rotary vane pumps ensure clean and safe production facilities for people, materials and environment.
  • High-performance vacuum pumps from Columbus are maintenance-free. This means no expense for servicing - neither time nor cost.
That is what Vacuflex can do
Depending on the configuration, Vacuflex allows you to perform the following applications. You will find many other useful information about the workflow, the possible fields of application as well as the compatible materials and material brands in the detailed information of the respective application.
Laminated Bending / Shape Bonding / Flat Gluing
Production of laminated bending, shape bonding and flat gluing work pieces made of wood and wood-like materials.
Veneering / Overlaying / Coating
Overlaying of work pieces with high-quality veneers and other materials.

At a glance
Features and technical data
Vacuum bag
Usable area:
3000 x 1300 mm
3000 x 2000 mm
4000 x 1300 mm
4000 x 2000 mm

Highly flexible, tear-resistant vacuum bag - transparent and fabric-reinforced
Welded on three sides, narrow side open
Integrated hose for vacuum connection

PES (DIN EN ISO 2076) coated on both sides | material thickness: 0.50 mm | 550 g/m² | Yarn weight: 1100 dtex (DIN EN ISO 2060) | Binding L 1/1 (ISO 3572) | Adhesive strength 16 N/cm | Tensile strength: 1000 N / 50 mm
Thermal load: min. - 40 ° C, max. + 70 ° C
Vacuum pump
8 m³ high-performance vacuum pump
Type: dry running rotary vane pump
Air suction speed: 8 m³/h
Pressure: up to 9 t/m²

16 m³ industrial vacuum pump
Type: dry running rotary vane pump
Air suction speed: 16 m³/h
Pressure: up to 9 t/m²

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