PIONEER - The modules
The high-performance heating system
HEAT consists of an independent high-performance heating system that is simply placed underneath PIONEER BASIC. It opens up a completely new and profitable application area. With HEAT, plastics, thermoplastic materials and composite materials can be heated precisely, i.e. made deformable, and then be pressed in the vacuum press.

The energy-efficient heating system with precise heating control, optimal heat distribution and excellent heat insulation leaves nothing to chance. All this guarantees the best results, maximum efficiency and optimal conditions for the subsequent forming process on the vacuum table. This opens up a whole new market instantly.

The innovative vaccum press modular system

The innovative vaccum
press modular system
PIONEER is the world‘s first patented vacuum press modular system. Together with his user, it is leading the way in a new era of modern wood and plastic processing.

It was designed with the practical experience from over 40 years of innovation leadership and it was perfected with regard to future challenges. The result of the years of development work convinces with the innovative possibilities, the flexibility to be able to react to new requirements at any time as well as with high efficiency. A machine as the basis for sustainable success. It offers production companies everything to create extraordinary workpieces in the future, to delight customers with new things and to increase sales.

The world‘s first patented modular design — based on a high-precision vacuum press — makes it a partner for many decades and guarantees high investment security. The sophisticated design enables users to add all expansion modules subsequently and independently, in order to flexibly expand the variety of applications and the production spectrum according to own requirements.
The modules
The patented modular design of PIONEER gives users the opportunity to make good decisions for tomorrow already today. If you want to be prepared for the challenges of the future, flexibility is an essential factor. This is exactly what PIONEER offers in every respect.

The vacuum press PIONEER BASIC as well as the modules VERTICAL (vertical opening system) and HEAT (high-performance heating system) give the user access to 3 highly profitable applications of vacuum press technology — from woodworking to plastic processing.
The high-precision vacuum press
The vertical opening system
The high-performance heating system

That is what PIONEER can do

Depending on the configuration, PIONEER allows you to perform the following applications. You will find many other useful information about the workflow, the possible fields of application as well as the compatible materials and material brands in the detailed information of the respective application.
Laminated Bending / Shape Bonding / Flat Gluing
Production of laminated bending, shape bonding and flat gluing work pieces made of wood and wood-like materials.
Veneering / Overlaying / Coating
Overlaying of work pieces with high-quality veneers and other materials.
forming solid surface materials & plastics
Forming of plastics, thermoplastic materials and composite materials.

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