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Seamless veneering
in just a few working steps
Columbus makes the impossible possible
In the past few days, Columbus made the impossible possible again. Together with the company LIHA, a beautiful and seamlessly veneered table top was produced in just a few working steps — without using a veneering press or edge banding machine — only with the concentrated power of vacuum.

Already the first working step is astonishing, in which not only two MDF boards were glued together, but at the same time the edges, in a remarkable thickness of 10 mm, were glued.

Amazed now? It still goes on.

After the bottom veneer was glued and the curves were milled at the edges, in a single next step, the process that would revolutionize the entire carpentry industry took place. With the innovative vacuum technology from Columbus, it is now possible to veneer both the surface and the sides with undercutting, seamlessly and without transition, in a single step.

Impossible? Not for Columbus. The proof is in the video.

The application is possible with all machines, ie already with the entry-level model Vacuplus.
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Sie können das Video aber über folgenden Link herunterladen:

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