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Resysta — A compound better than wood
Design meets sustainability
With Resysta — a next-generation natural fiber compound — a new thermoplastic material is emerging that lives up to its name. The material, which has been developed in Germany and has already received many awards, is hard to distinguish in terms of look and feel from classic wood. However, it does have properties that outshine wood in terms of processing options and even sustainability.

The material consists of 60% of a waste product of the food industry — namely rice husks. There is no need to cut down a single tree to make it. The sustainability idea of Resysta goes so far that the products are manufactured in China — where, as is known, many rice is processed — which reduces Co2 emissions during the transport of raw materials. In addition, it is 100% recyclable.

An enormous advantage is the offered variety of processing possibilities — especially with Combitherm and Performer. The material can be heated very easily and then put into any shape without changing the plate structure. And even with very small radii. Resysta requires only very short heating and cooling times. Strictly speaking, processing improves performance by 25 % over other thermoplastic materials.

The special properties that Resysta brings make the material usable almost anywhere, both inside and outside. Especially in outdoor areas, its performance is unsurpassed, because it is characterized by its outstanding water, weather and UV resistance. Even salt, chlorine, mold and pests can not harm it. So it is ideal for the production of bathroom fittings, swimming pools, terraces and even facades. Furthermore, it is extremely robust and meets very high fire protection classes.

As is well known, Columbus always provides its customers with application and processing capabilities. Who wants to know how easily Resysta can be formed and what the finished products look like, should not miss the video.

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