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Why „Columbus“?

When Christopher Columbus returned

...returned to the Spanish court from his first successful expedition in 1493, people there welcomed him with silent mockery. One nobleman even suggested that there was nothing special at all in simply sailing straight ahead until one hits new land.
Upon hearing this, Columbus took an egg, handed it to the critic, and said: "Go ahead and make this egg stand on its tip, Caballero!"
After several failed attempts, the noblemen in attendance gave up.
Now, Columbus took the egg, and put it down on the table with slightly more energy than the noblemen had exerted - not to hard, but just hard enough so that the tip of the eggshell broke a little. And sure enough, the egg stood on its tip.
The attending aristocracy proclaimed: "We could have done that just as well!" Columbus responded: "It's like this quite often - the most difficult tasks have the simplest solutions!"
Exactly 500 years later, the advertising guru Peter Fellner christened us "Columbus". For as our namesake Christopher Columbus, we have specialized in finding engenious and simple solutions to difficult challenges.
Simply following our joint motto: Everything good is simple!
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