New times bring new opportunities.
How to conquer existing markets by using new applications and materials.
The crisis literally reset the clocks of the economy to zero. The companies are in the starting blocks to bring their company, their industry and the entire economy back to true size. Every company is at the pole position and each of them now has the chance to shape the new future for themselves. Yes, that also applies to yours. Now is the time for change, now is the time for courage, now is the time for success.

So let's do it!

Give your target audience something they don't know yet.

In order to benefit from the new era, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, it is enough to offer your target audience something that they do not know yet. One possibility is to use new applications or materials, and thereby create something that differs from everything that has existed before. Columbus vacuum presses make it possible.

Bent or curved workpieces covered with high-quality veneers or (new) materials

In addition to high-quality veneers, you can use Columbus vacuum presses to cover curved or bent workpieces with numerous special materials, such as leather, etc.. Thanks to the flexible membrane and the concentrated power of the vacuum, the limits are only set by your own imagination. You can inspire your customers by offering them something completely new.

Workpieces made of deformable, (new) plastics

Workpieces made from various thermoplastic materials and other plastics are an absolute highlight of the new era. With Columbus vacuum presses, you can shape materials such as mineral materials, PVC, PET, PMMA and well-known brands such as Corian, Kerrock or Plexiglas into outstanding workpieces. In this way you offer your customers something special far beyond the usual standard.

Workpieces seamlessly veneered

Layer gluing or veneering of flat workpieces is a mandatory programme in wood processing for Columbus vacuum presses. The outstanding, however, is that workpieces can be layer glued and veneered seamlessly at the same time (click here for the video evidence). This not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also opens up opportunities in the production of outstanding workpieces that have so far remained hidden. Offer your existing customers unprecedented products.
The economy is facing an upswing — be at the forefront!
You have to take advantage of opportunities as long as they present themselves to you. Not only the governments are now investing in the success of companies, companies and customers are also ready for numerous investments in order to secure the future and bring back prosperity. Now, more than ever, customers are longing to leave the "old days" behind.

Seit mittlerweile 40 Jahren steht Columbus für Innovation, und in unserer Brust schlägt das Herz eines Handwerkers. Mit unserer Technologie wollen wir Unternehmen die Möglichkeit geben Großartiges zu erschaffen und ihre sowie die Zukunft deren Kunden besonders zu gestalten. Kontaktieren Sie uns und gestalten Sie jetzt die Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens in der neuen Zeit. Gemeinsam packen wir es an!

For more than 40 years now, Columbus has been standing for innovation, and in our chests the heart of a craftsman beats. With our technology we want to give companies the opportunity to create great things and to shape their and the future of their customers.

Contact us and shape the future of your company in the new times!
Do you have any questions left? Contact us!
+43 732 931 641-0
We would be happy to inform you about your options, all versions, prices, etc.
Vetter 4
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ZOSIA by Robert Nößler
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Students from the Freie Waldorfschule Mainz create truly unique items using vacuum technology
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Worldwide high demand for protective walls made of acrylic glass.
Offer your customers something extraordinary.
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Zeppelin Nightliners and the tour buses of the world's greatest stars
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Combitherm forms Kerrock in Belgium
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With a vacuum press from Columbus you can manufacture truly extraordinary products.
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Digital and 3D-Printing for the advertising industry
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North German Broadcasting
Customer Story
North German Broadcasting works with Columbus
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